October 27 (Sat) – December 9 (Sun), 2018, 10:00-18:00, admission free

Whether we realize it or not, the world is made up of motion and is in a continual state of change. When our bodies are moved—either by some external force or of our own volition—the reality of that motion is itself a change. Similarly, the motion of blood as it courses through our veins is also a clear example of change, though we may be unconscious of it. Even feelings and emotions may also serve to move us. When we consider that the elementary particles that make up all things are in a constant state of motion, we witness the same movement in both the natural environment and in artificial objects. The motions of humanity and the environment intertwine to form society and create history. As words such as inspiration, migration, motivation, vibration, and revelation illustrate, every change must exact a motion, either perceptible and imperceptible, just as every motion is a change in and of itself.

We must decipher these motions in order to understand the future and make sense of things that have yet to be explained. Imagine the possibilities if we could grasp all manner of motions—not only those that are obvious and perceptible, but also those uncertain movements that evade our perception.

Artists, through their work, allow us to notice these delicate movements and often tell of larger changes that have yet to come. They move our hearts and our minds, sometimes through quiet warnings—other times, with prosperous proposals. In the Autumn 2018 AIR Program, we invite you to join the artists as they pursue the motion that exists in all things


MORI Keita

Born in Hokkaido in 1981. Mori received Master of Fine Arts in new media, University of Paris VIII, Saint-Denis, France in 2011. Based in Paris, he attempts to expand the expression of drawing with his own production method of pasting threads on the wall or paper using a glue gun. Structures and cracks produced by the threads used intentionally as lines make us recognize the provisional existence of society.

Selected Exhibitions
2018 “20th DOMANI: “The Art of Tomorrow” Exhibition”, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan.
2017 “Templates”, Galerie Catherine Putman, Paris, France.
2015 “Walk The Line - New Paths in Drawing”, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany.

Bug report (Terminal), 2017
Installation view at “Strings,” Drawing Lab Paris, Paris, 2017
Curator : Gaël Charbau
Photo by Rebecca Fanuele

Template, 2017, Cotton thread and silk thread on photographie, 80 x 60 cm

above all © ADAGP Keita Mori
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Catherine Putman, Paris


Born in Tokyo in 1984. Graduated from Department of Arts and Culture Studies, College of Humanities, J. F. Oberlin University. Yamashita performed dance pieces for Nibroll, co. TABA-MAKI, Co. Yamada Un, etc. In recent years, Yamashita has presented choreography and works with themes on distance and gap between people and the society, paying attention to body rhythms such as subtle physiology and emotions, based on the response to their delicate changes.

Photo by Toshihiko Jo

Selected Dance Performance
2018 “Tiny things, tiny choices vol.5” (dansalon vol.5), Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
2017 “About tiny things” (dansalon vol.4), Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
2015 “Pinus” (dansalon vol.1), Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

Tiny choices, tiny things, Dance salon vol.5, Spiral Hall [2018, Tokyo]
Photo by Naoshi Hatori

About tiny things, Dance salon vol.4, Spiral Hall [2017, Tokyo]
Photo by Naoshi Hatori


Born in 1978 in the USA and a PhD candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Vantu is interested in spatial experience, the notion of hospitality, and thresholds of social interaction. Her interventions are not only about engaging with architecture, but also engaging with people through our built environment and the social and cultural relationships that it promotes.

Selected Exhibitions
2017 “YART 2017”, YART, Ghent, Belgium.
2015 “Kamiyama Artist in Residence (KAIR) 2015”, Kamiyama, Tokushima, Japan.
2014 “Inconvenient Architectures”, Norrköping AIR, Norrköping, Sweden.

Kyokai(Inside/Outside), 2015

Porch, 2017

Jolene MOK

Born in 1984 in British Hong Kong and graduated with an MFA from Duke University. Mok interprets the act of seeing as social engagement as she pursues a creative approach that looks at the world through camera lenses. Through the people she meets and the places she sees on her continuous travels, Mok keeps an open view of the world, which provides inspiration for her video works.

Selected Exhibitions
2017 “JustMAD Contemporary Art Fair”, Official College of Architects of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
2016 “Mountain, Snow, Living”, Asahi AIR Exhibition. Several spaces in Shinano-Ōmachi, Nagano, Japan.
2015 “Skammdegishátíð”, Listhús Gallery, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland.

In pursuit of a siesta, video installation, 2017


Curator in Residence Program

Josué Mattos
Born in 1982. A curator, historian of art and researcher, based between São Paulo and Florianópolis, Brazil. He holds a BA in History of Art and Archeology and an MA in History of Contemporary Art, from the Université Paris X Nanterre. In 2009, he holds an MA in curatorial practices, from the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Invited by SESC São Paulo, he conceived Frestas - Triennial of Arts and was the general curator for its first edition (2014). Mattos was chief curator of Art Museum of Santa Catarina, received the 6º Prize Marcantonio Vilaça for his curatorial practice, and has been a member of the Nominating Committee of Pipa Prize (Rio de Janeiro) and the artistic director of Instituto Adelina, São Paulo.

Selected Exhibitions
2018 "Helpless Brazil", National Museum of History (MHN) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2017 “Party Room”, Art Museum of Santa Catarina (MASC), Florinópolis, Brazil
2014-2015 “Our proposition is the dialogue” (Frestas - Trienal de Artes), Sesc Sorocaba, SP, Brazil.
2012 “I was what you are and you will be what I am”, Paço das Artes, SP, Brazil.
2009 "Sandra Cinto and Brígida Baltar - Terres et Cieux", Mairie VIIIème, Paris, France

Organized by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre [ACAC], Aomori Public University.
Supported by Ateliê Fidalga, AIRS
Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in Fiscal Year 2018.


2018年10月27日(土)-12月9日(日)10:00- 18:00、会期中無休、無料



盛 圭太(もり・けいた)


2018 「20th DOMANI・明日展」 国立新美術館、東京
2017 「Templates」ギャラリー・カトリーヌ・プットマン、パリ、フランス
2015 「Walk The Line」ヴォルフスブルク現代美術館、ヴォルフスブルク、ドイツ

 《Bug report (Terminal)》2017年、木綿糸、 絹糸、衣類、 壁、サイズ可変
(個展「Strings」 展示風景、 Drawing Lab Paris、パリ、 2017年
撮影:Rebecca Fanuele

《Template》2017年、木綿糸、 絹糸、写真、80 x 60 cm

以上全て© ADAGP Keita Mori
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Catherine Putman, Paris

山下 彩子(やました・あやこ)


撮影:城 俊彦

2018 「Tiny choices, tiny things」(ダンサロンvol.5)スパイラルホール、東京
2017 「ササヤカなキモチについてのセイリ。」(ダンサロンvol.4)スパイラルホール、東京
2015 「Pinus」(ダンサロンvol.1)スパイラルホール、東京

《Tiny choices, tiny things》2018年、スパイラルホール




2017 「YART 2017」YART、ヘント、ベルギー
2015 「神山アーテイスト・イン・レジデンス (KAIR) 2015」徳島県西名郡神山町各所、 徳島、日本
2014 「不便な建築」Norrköping AIR、エステルイェートランド、スウェーデン





2017 「ジャストマッド コンテンポラリーアートフェア」Official College of Architects of Madrid、マドリード、スペイン
2016 「山・雪・生活」(あさひAIR)、信濃大町各所、長野、日本
2015 「中世の祭典」 Listhús Gallery、オゥラフスフィヨルズゥル、アイスランド




1982年生まれ。キュレーター、美術史家、研究者。ブラジルのサンパウロとフロリアノポリスを拠点として活動。パリ第10大学にて美術史・考古学の学士号(BA)及びコンテンポラリーアート史の修士号(MA)取得。2009年にパリ第1パンテオン・ソルボンヌ大学にてキュラトリアルプラクティスの修士号(MA)取得。サンパウロSESCの招きで2014年にアートトリエンナーレ「Frestas」を立ち上げ、初年度の総合キュレーターを務める。第6回Marcantonio Vilaça賞受賞。現在、サンタカタリーナ美術館チーフキュレーター、Pipa賞(リオデジャネイロ)選考委員、Instituto Adelinaアートディレクター。

撮影:Mariana Boro

2018年  「無力なブラジル」 国立歴史博物館、リオデジャネイロ、ブラジル
2017年  「パーティールーム」サンタカタリーナ美術館、サンタカタリーナ、ブラジル
2014-2015年 「存在しないものが無ければ世界には何があるだろう?」(アートトリエンナーレFrestas)、Sesc ソロカーバ、サンパウロ、ブラジル
2012年 「私はあなたであった、あなたは私になる」Paço das Artes、サンパウロ、ブラジル
2009 「サンドラ・シントとブリジア・バルタール - 土地と天国」第8市庁舎、パリ、フランス

主催:青森公立大学 国際芸術センター青森[ACAC]
助成:平成30年度 文化庁 アーティスト・イン・レジデンス活動支援事業