The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) distributes its periodical publication “AC2” and a catalogue of the Artist in Residence to those interested in them. The publications themselves are free, but you must send an international reply coupon as the cost of shipping is the responsibility of the individual.
Those interested should contact the ACAC with your name, address, phone number, delivery method (sea mail, Surface Air Lifted mail, air mail, EMS) and let us know how many publications you would like. We will then notify you of the number of international reply coupons needed. The publications will be shipped as soon as the coupons arrive.

AIR2015/ Navigation & Trajectory

AIR2015/ Passage: A Day in Eternity

AIR2014/ Material and Mechanism

AIR2014/ MEDIA/ART KITCHEN AOMORI -Politics of Humor and Play

AIR2014/ KOKUFU Osamu Solo Exhibition “Floating Conservatory”

AIR2013/ Exchange ―Planting the seed


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