Various types of lectures or workshops are held by artists of various genre through a year. ACAC runs these programs so that people can spend time, learning intensively about art, and practical technique such as copper plate printing, dance, music and craft and so on.

Clémence CHOQUET and Mickaël GAMIO Workshop

2017,November 26(sun)10:00-15:00(12:00-13:00 lunch break)

Here and Beyond

ANG Sookoon talk and screening

2017,November 19(sun)14:30-15:30

Here and Beyond

Family tour

2017,November 12(sun)14:30-15:30

Here and Beyond

MOTOYAMA Yukari Workshop

2017,November 11(sat) 10:30-11:30/14:30-16:00

Here and Beyond

Opening Artist Talk

2017,October 28(sat)14:30-16:30

Here and Beyond