Photo: UTSU Yumiko

井上 尚子
INOUE Hisako

美術作家。環境、文化、歴史を匂いの記憶から楽しむ「くんくんウォーク」を教育機関、美術館、図書館、植物園、企業,公園、空港など国内外で開催。2022年は、渋谷公園通りギャラリー、千葉市美術館、横須賀美術館、森美術館等で開催。2017年Museum Villa Stuck in Munich にて「The Library of Smell」(共同制作:白須未香+柴山拓郎)展覧会+ワークショップ開催。WWFジャパンと全国の動物園にて「においでめぐる動物園」開発・実施(2019年グッドデザイン賞受賞)。2018年、The Art and Olfaction Awards 2018 finalist in London、六本木アートナイト2018参加。2020年よりオンラインプログラム「においの話」実施。

Artist. Inoue has been practicing called “Kun-kun Walk” which is for participants to enjoy the environment, culture, and history through the memory of smells. She often holds this program at educational institutions, museums, libraries, botanical gardens, companies, parks, airports and other locations in Japan and abroad. In 2022, she held them at Tokyo Koen-dori Gallery, Chiba City Museum of Art, Yokosuka Museum of Art, Mori Art Museum etc. In 2017, Inoue conducted a project for exhibition and workshop called “The Library of Smell” at Museum Villa Stuck in Munich (co-production: SHIRASU Mika + SHIBAYAMA Takuro). In addition, she collaborated with WWF Japan and some zoos in Japan to develop and implement “Smelling our way through the zoo” (Awarded of Good Design Award in 2019) and she was a finalist of The Art and Olfaction Awards 2018 in London. She also participated in Roppongi Art Night 2018. From 2020, she organizes an online program “Story of Smell.”