The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) is a regional art center with programming built around three creative pillars: artist-in-residence (AIR) programs, exhibitions, and educational outreach. Our current programming also includes a Creative Commons as a place where artists and others can come together to participate in a variety of outlets for creative expression. Through its diverse programming, and coupled with its distinct architecture and abundant natural surroundings, the ACAC aims to support, promote, and share the creative pursuits of living, creating, and thinking artists as well as individuals who appreciate creative expression.



The ACAC was founded as a facility to sustain an artist-in-residence (AIR) program that invites artists from Japan and abroad to live and work within the premises for a period of time. There are two types of AIR programs at the ACAC: the first is by invitation or nomination by a curator, and the other is through an open call for applications. Together, they provide opportunities for artists from all over the world to come and engage in international exchange with the Aomori community. During their stay, artists are able to focus on research and production in addition to workshops, talks, collaborative production, and other exchange programs in the local community, which often culminate in exhibitions and performances. At the ACAC, we aim to offer art education and promote the arts and culture by providing opportunities for art experiences to unfold in a variety of diverse interactions between artists, students, and residents of the local community.

Application Guideline|公募情報 Paid Residency|自主滞在



In addition to the AIR program, the ACAC is introducing more exhibition programming that utilizes our resident production facilities. Our exhibitions present modes of expression that have significance in our current time and place and include experimental activities by artists as well as efforts to add new layers of interpretation to local matters.

Education/Learning Programs教育普及


Our education/learning programs are aimed at everyone, regardless of age, to understand the world through a lens of creative expression and activities in practice. They include workshops by artists and experts as well as educator- and curator-led art appreciation programs. The ACAC can also arrange school trips and offer traveling art classes according to specific needs and requirements.

Creative Commons表現のコモンズ


The Creative Commons is a program for people to come together to create and think with each other through workshops and performances between artists and participants. From daily to multi-year projects, the commons is conducted on many different timelines.