SHIMAUCHI Mika "Quivering flames, ardent earth."

《自立について》テラコッタ、石こう、単管パイプ等、サイズ可変、2020年、撮影:高橋健治、画像提供:Tokyo Arts and Space

"On being independent", Size variable, terra-cotta clay, plaster, pipes, 2020, Photo: Takahashi Kenji, Photo courtesy: Tokyo Arts and Space
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日時|2021年7月31日(土)-9月12日(日)10:00-18:00 会期中無休
協力|AIRS(アーティスト・イン・レジデンス・サポーターズ)、青森公立大学芸術サークル ほか

  • しまうちみか

    1987年、熊本県生まれ。2013年、崇城大学大学院芸術研究課修士課程彫刻専攻修了。菊池旧龍門小学校アーティスト集合スタジオを拠点に活動する。自身の心象風景として描かれるドローイングから発想されたモチーフを彫刻作品へと展開する。作品にみられる頼りない造形は、合理化やグローバル化により平均化されていく私たちに対してのアイロニーと、それでも合理的になりきれない私たちをユーモラスにあらわそうとしている。主な展覧会に、個展「自立について」福岡アジア美術館企画展示室C (福岡、2020年)、トーキョーアーツアンドスペース レジデンス2020 成果発表展「デイジーチェーン」Tokyo Arts and Space 本郷 (東京、2020年)など。


SHIMAUCHI Mika focuses on producing and presenting her drawings and sculptures while shedding light on the questions about our over-rationalized society.

At times, her sculptures take on the full spectrum of unintended imperfections that occur during the firing of the kiln, showing the effects of gravity, the quality of the natural soil and the unreliability of the shapes. Whilst the works exist within the limitations of the laws of physics, such as gravity and firing, they exist to highlight the contradictions of our own ability, or lack thereof, to fit in an overly streamlined society.

Shimauchi’s interests in fire will guide her research, concentrating on the properties which uplift people, their beliefs about fire, and build towards an exhibition of her findings as creations born throughout the duration of her stay. In collaboration with other enthusiasts, Shimauchi will participate in “bonfire firing,” or an open-air kiln, in order to create pieces with new processes based around the feeling and culture of fire.

Residency|Beginning of June – mid of September, 2021

“When I see a world full of smooth and slick ready-made items, it makes me want to keep my hands dirty. I reach for my iPhone with clay lingering on my hands.”
Shimauchi Mika

Exhibition|10:00-18:00, July 31 (Sat.) -September 12 (Sun.), 2021
Venue|Gallery A
In Cooperation with|AIRS (Artist in Residence Supporters), Art Club of Aomori Public University and more
Nominal Support|Aomori Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., RAB Aomori Broadcasting Corporation, Asahi Broadcasting Aomori Co., Ltd., Aomori Cable Television, Aomori Fm Broadcasting, ABH (Aomori Bunka Housou), The To-o Nippo Press Co., MUTUSINPOU co., ltd., The Dairy-Tohoku Shimbun Inc.


    Kumamoto native artist born in 1987. Graduate of Sojo University Graduate School of Art Masters with a master’s degree completed in 2013. Shimauchi is currently based in the Kikuchi Ryu-mon Artist’s Studio inside a former elementary school.

    She develops motifs from her own personal landscapes and exhibits them as sculptures and various works. The imperfections visible within the works are a motion to humorously represent the irony of the over efficiency of our lifestyles under the weight of globalization created by mankind, and yet how we are unable to fully adapt.




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