O JUN公開制作「そうぐうー図画工作」
O JUN Open Studio "SOUGU/Encounter: Arts and Crafts"

Illustration: YAMAMOTO Shuji
  • 日本語

画家のO JUNが会期中、油彩、クレヨン、鉛筆などで絵を描いたり、立体制作の様子をギャラリー内で公開します。会場にいる画家に、ぜひ絵やその方法、画材などについて聞いてみてください。絵を描く人と絵を見る人が、この場所で自然といろいろなモノやコトに遭遇できたらいいなと思っています。


  • O JUN
    O JUN

    画家。東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科油画専攻修士課程修了。絵画を中心に、描くための画材や素材・方法を様々に試みている。国内外で個展・グループ展など多数。国際芸術センター青森では、2016年に個展「まんまんちゃん、あん」を開催した。作品集に『O JUN 1996-2007』(赤々舎、2007年)、『1982-2013 O JUN 描く児』(青幻社、2013年)、『途中の造物』(ミヅマアートギャラリー、2019年)など。


Painter O JUN will be painting in oil, crayon and pencil during the exhibition, as well as showing his three-dimensional work in the gallery. Please feel free to ask the painter about his paintings, methods and materials. We hope that those who draw and those who look at drawings will naturally encounter various things and events at this place.

Date: July 16 (Sat) – September 25 (Sun), 2022, 10:00-18:00 (72 days)
Venue: Gallery A, Exhibition Hall

  • O JUN

    O JUN is an artist who graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a Master of Fine Arts in Oil Painting. He has experimented with various painting tools, materials and methods with a focus on painting. O JUN has had many solo and group exhibitions, both in Japan and abroad. The Aomori Contemporary Art Center held his solo exhibition, “MANMANCHAN, AN”, in 2016. His collection of works includes O JUN 1996-2007 (AKAAKA Art Publishing, 2007), 1982-2013 O JUN kakuco (Drawing Child) (Seigensha Art Publishing, 2013), and Tochu no zobutsu (Unfinished Creation) (Mizuma Art Gallery, 2019).