FUNAI Misa mobile making workshop


FUNAI Misa’s Mobile making workshop was held on 9th November.

The mobile is same as Funai’s artworks which is the composition of colored plane in the space.

The participants select the wooden parts which shape is drawn by Funai, and paint them.


After Funai’s lecture, the participants selected 7 parts.

One is big and circled, and other 6 is small and shaped animal or plants.

IMG_6482s IMG_6493s IMG_6495s IMG_6498s

Then, paint them.

Basically, paint one color for one part.

IMG_6501s IMG_6507s IMG_6513s IMG_6515s IMG_6518s IMG_6522s IMG_6533s

One paint separately,


One paint her bird’s face


After painting, connect each parts by the thread.

IMG_6535s IMG_6536s IMG_6541s IMG_6544s IMG_6545s

Finally, each participants showed their works.

IMG_6553s IMG_6556s IMG_6565s IMG_6573s IMG_6579s IMG_6582s IMG_6586s IMG_6589s IMG_6596s IMG_6610s IMG_6611s

The combination of the parts and the colors effect the image of the works, also the length of the thread decide the valance, too.