September 25th Hiranai Yamaguchi primary school, 26th Harabetsu primary school


Hiranai Yamaguchi elementary school and Harabetsu elementary school students visited yesterday and today. They did frottage and made works.

IMG_5374IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5386 IMG_5396IMG_5397IMG_5391s IMG_5388s


September 4,5 Nishi junior high school and Aomori Chuo high school Vol.2


It was the Second day of work experience for the students of Aomori Nishi junior high shchool and Aomori Chuo high school. They prepared the materials for the elementary school program and modification of the leaflet. At last, they made a map which they show their recommendation place. You can see the map in the lounge. (But we are sorry it is only in Japanese)

IMG_5037 IMG_5040 IMG_5043 IMG_5047



September 4,5 Nishi junior high school and Aomori Chuo high school


The students of Aomori Nishi junior high school and Aomori Chuo high school visited ACAC as a work experience today. They looked around the architecture and open air sculpture, then wrote the texts for guide map. They met Carlos Nunes and the one who used printing studio and heard about their artworks. ACAC will make special map with their texts and show in lounge later.

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August 29 Shinoda Primary school


Shinoda primary school visited ACAC yesterday. The program was ”Making hat(mask) to metamorphose”. They created many original hats and masks and made us to imagine to hold a parade with these fantastic works.

IMG_4958s IMG_4952s IMG_4954s IMG_4955s IMG_4956s IMG_4957s


August 27 Tsutsimi Primary school


Summer vacation of primary school finished on last Sunday and ACAC started to the school program from yesterday. Yesterday, Tsutsumi primary school visited and the students produced the images of forest on the big paper by stencil with leaves.

IMG_4946s IMG_4943s


July 25 Teacher’s training





Workshop for the teacher’s training. The participants are the first year teacher of Primary school or Junior high school in Aomori city. They produced big images by frottage and collage.IMG_4603s

IMG_4607sIMG_4618s - コピー   IMG_4613s IMG_4617s


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