New Exhibition Has Been Open! Held an Artist’s Talk Event


Our autumn exhibition titled “Lively In-between” has been open from Saturday, October 26th. On the first day of the exhibition, we had an artist talk event by the participating 4 artists and 1 artist. We will hold many events related to the exhibition till Sunday, December 8th. Please feel free to join to these events.

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Held a Workshop by UTAMURA Hanae on October 12th, 13th and 19th


UTAMURA Hanae who participates for the autumn residency program held a workshop titled of “The End of the World and The Beginning of the World” for 3 days.

In the beginning of the workshop, Hanae talked about her interests and her current art practices, then she and the participants of the workshop shared how they survive in the world with cup of tea. During the performance activities, they enjoy feeling especially energy circulation with nature by guidance of Hanae. On the last day, the artist hired a cameraman to shoot their improvised performance (honestly, we are going to shoot performance again as sunny day version). The resulting of workshop will be shown on the upcoming exhibition, “Lively In-between” from this coming 26th.IMG_5951 IMG_5956 IMG_5984 IMG_5992 IMG_5996 IMG_6002 IMG_6006 IMG_6014 IMG_5925 IMG_5926 IMG_5929 IMG_5937


Super Cool Girl, Mira Rizki Kurnia’s Performance at the College Festival in Aomori Public University


Mira Rizki Kurnia who join our autumn residency program held a performance titled of “SITUATIONAL Music” at the exchange hall in Aomori Public University.

While exchanging situation and environment with her musical partners in Indonesia, she and the performers backed bread, cut vegetables, drank a cup of coffee and read the newspaper..

Next performance by Miki will be held in ACAC on Saturday, December 7th. Don’t miss it!

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Workshop by Mira Rizki KURNIA


Before the opening (October 26th) of the upcoming exhibition in autumn titled “Lively In-between”, we had a workshop by Mira Rizki Kurnia (Miki) from Indonesia today, September 28th.

The participants in this workshop titled of “SITUATIONAL Music” watched a footage of musical performance by John Cage before their activity. Through this video, they knew that they can make sound and can compose used by everyday items, then they tried to make two patterns of interesting sounds by them. They tried to change patterns, to make slowly or to read newspaper according to Miki’s direction. Then they play together with some musicians who are Miki’s friends in Indonesia via Line app. They created very interesting improvisation music.

This “SITUATIONAL Music” performance will be held from now on. Please come to join us below,

“SITUATIONAL Music” by Mira Rizki Kurnia Sunday, October 6th from 2.15pm to 2.45pm at the Koryu (Exchange) Hall in Aomori Public University Saturday, December 7th from 2.30pm to 3.00pm at the exhibition hall in ACAC.

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Curator in Residence 2019


ACAC organizes Curator In Residence with Autumn AIR in this year. We invited a curator Anushka RAJENDRAN by the recommendation of Khoj International Artists’ Association in India. She stays from 11th September to 4th November and will curate small exhibition in AV room in ACAC, also will have workshop in Aomori Chuo High School.
Today, she visited Aomori Museum of Art and watched the collection exhibition even though it was closed for public. She was very interested in the works of KOJIMA Ichiro, a Aomori-born photographer.



Steadily Preparing for Autumn Exhibition


Participating artists for the autumn residency program titled of “Lively in-between” (the exhibition will be opened from October 26th) have started preparing for their works.

On September 17th, we had an official meeting with 3 participating artists and 1 artist via Skype from New York. Of course, Ms. Anushka RAJENDRAN who is dispatched for Curator-in-residence program joined the meeting. We discussed the autumn exhibition especially composition on the exhibition gallery.

Before the opening of the exhibition, we are going to hold some events like workshop. Please feel free to join to them. About artistic research, we are almost face the situation that we want to help cats ! Please tell us about Aomori which we can’t reach through books and online.