#1000 LIGHTs


“#1000 LIGHTs” is the related event of “Aomori city archive × TOKOLO Asao exhibition” The exhibition will be held February- March, 2016.

Tokolo is an artist who create original pattern, and ACAC invited him as an director of the exhibition which focused on the patterns of Aomori.

Tokolo tried  to draw the his patterns by candle’s light at “#1000 LIGHTs”, and his pattern is composed by simple geometric theory, so anyone can draw the pattern if they are used to the theory. So, some students of Aomori Public University helped the preparing to put the candles

Another unique technique of this event, Tokolo used disposable plastic cup which you can buy at grocery shop. He put the candles in the cup, also put the water. water expand the candle’s light, and it looks like the chandelier.

In addition, he used glass floating ball which was used for the fishing in Aomori until 20-30 years ago.

At last, please enjoy the photos of “#1000 LIGHTs”.

(Photo; OYAMADA Kuniya)




























“#1000 Pattern Aomori” project start


“#1000 Pattern Aomori” is a project which relate to the exhibition “TOKOLO Asao × Aomori City Archives Exhibition”.

The exhibition focus on the “pattern” and will be held February – March 2016.

An artist TOKOLO Asao is a director.
This project aim to correct/ share 1000 patterns of Aomori through Facebook, and has already started with the member of Art club of Aomori public university.

The Facebook page opens for anyone, so if you find the pattern in Aomori, please post on the page!

<note for the posting>
*We share the photo after you posted, then you can see the photo on the timeline.
*Your account name will be showed with photo on the timeline.
*Please write where you take the photo if you know.
*Please do not post if the place is prohibitted to take photo, or if you can see someone’s face clearly in the photo.


>>The Facebook page is here!