Try Your Hand at Ink Manga!


Workshop “Try Your Hand at Ink Manga!” was held by MISE Natsunosuke at 19th May.

Ink painting is Japanese traditional painting technique and Mise also uses the technique for his art work.

Also technique of drawing Japanese comic is similar to Ink painting.

This workshop aim to experience the ink painting.

First, go to the gallery and watch Mise’s work.


Then, listen the story of pigment.

Trace the sample.


In the afternoon, trace the Japanese comic and combine with the trace of sample.



Interview by ABH radio and Discovery tour


Today ABH radio visited ACAC and reported bancafe and Discovery tour.

ABH radio is mini FM, and you can hear it Yokouchi area in Aomori.

The leader of ABH radio have visited ACAC since he was primary school. And now he is high school student.

First, they reported about bancafe.

interview to the bancafe staff.


Then, they joined “Discovery tour”.

At Dicovery tour, the participants discover their own point of view or what they think through discussion in front of the art works.

You can hear the radio program on 19th May, then also can hear at their blog the end of May. (Japanese only)

ABH radio website



Installing of the exhibition



We are installing for the MISE Natsunosuke solo exhibition which starts from April 27.


If you see the giant Mise’s paintings were installed in the curved gallery with high ceiling, you may feel that you are in the picture scroll.

On this exhibition, you can see his new work produced in ACAC residency.
Also Mise sometimes transforms his previous painting by cutting and pasting his old painting and shows it as an new form. Therefore you will not always meet with same works at the other exhibition, even if it is the same title.

We hope to see many of you.



MISE Natsunosuke started Artist in Residence in ACAC!


ACAC will have a solo exhibition of MISE Natsunosuke “Divers Gods” from April 27, 2013.

Artist Mise came to ACAC and started to working at the studio in ACAC.

Now he is making new artworks for showing this solo exhibition.

We will show both of his new works and previous works at the Exhibition.