『Classical』― ITO Manami’s Printmaking


ITO Manami who received the grand prize at the Classical department of “AOMORI Triennale 2017” stayed in ACAC for two weeks and produced printmaking.
From the first day of her stay, she took pictures of Motives and continued carving
work while watching beautiful snow view from the studio.
The following photographs are the board which is completed carving and outside view looking through from a window, and view of printing. A large press was restarted after many years! It was powerful in how to print on a big piece of paper! Adjusting the way to apply pressure etc., it was printed with our staff taking a whole day. The snowy scenery in the forest was expressed by taking advantage of fine engraved lines and white of paper.
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“Unlimited ” department (5)FURUDATE Ken


FURUDATE Ken works as artists, programmers and designers both in Japan and overseas based in Kyoto. For “AOMORI Triennale 2017”, he creates a sound installation in the ship of Hakkoda Maru near Aomori station.
Although it was still being adjusted for several days after opening day, he will maintenance today and finally the work will be completed. Sounds with different rhythms from hundreds of speakers will become large pieces wrapping the whole space in conjunction with light.
Even during the adjustment after opening, the space enclosed by lots of speakers was impressive, FURUDATE aims for installations of light and sound that gently wavy. We are looking forward to it even after completion.
Hakkoda Maru venue opens between 9: 00-17: 00.
Please note that it will be closed every Monday.
Also please check each event!

“AOMORI Triennale 2017″(organized by Aomori City · Board of Education · Executive Committee)

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“Unlimited ” department (3)             BCL(FUKUHARA Shiho+Georg TREMMEL)


Three days left until opening of “AOMORI Triennale 2017”.
Georg · Tremmel, is making a DNA synthesizer that is a device for chemically synthesizing or printing the DNA base sequence. He makes it with the material which can be obtained easily on the internet.
Through the exhibition, the viewer will find the familiar existence of the DNA synthesizer and aware a problem surrounding the DIY bio.


The experiment will be continued…


We are setting up for “AOMORI Triennale 2017”.
From the afternoon of 9th, the installation work of Ikegami Takashi + Ueda Takumi at Gallery B is under way.
A large experiment bench was assembled from the first day, a large balloon with water was placed on it.
With various chemicals and materials lined up, from today chemistry experiments started in the balloon.
We don’t know yet what kind of chemical reaction will happen!
Today the work is over and it will be continued from next week.

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