The exhibition information of OH Haji


Artist OH Haji is joining the exhibition “Everyday Life – Signs of Awareness”
at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa now.
OH shows photo works which was created and shown at the exhibition “OH Haji × Aomori City Archives Exhibition Gestures in Clothing” ACAC on Feb – Mar 2013. She focused on “Kogin”, the old cloth in Aomori, and made the photo works and also showed the “Kogin” itself. She shows same photo works and “Kogin” in Kanazawa, too.

These photos are the installation view in ACAC. (Photo by YAMAMOTO Tadasu)

呉夏枝-ACAC4 呉夏枝-ACAC6 呉夏枝-ACAC1 呉夏枝-ACAC2 呉夏枝-ACAC3


Opening of the Exhibition


ACAC hold 2 exhibitions now;

“OH Haji × Aomori City Archives Exhibition “Gestures in Clothing”

“Vision of Aomori vol.9 MURAKAMI Asako Exhibition | The Power Contained Within”

February 10th is the opening day, and we held Artist talk by OH Haji, MURAKAMI Asako, and MIKAMI Yoko, a expert staff of former Keiko Kan Museum.

Explanation by Ms Mikami about Kogin-zashi or Hishi-zashi.

Ms Oh’s talk in front of her photographic works

Ms Murakami

These exhibitions is held until 16th March.



Preparation for the Exhibition


We are installing for the exhibition “OH Haji x Aomori City Archives ‘Gestures in Clothing’ ” now. The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) will exhibit traditional Kogin-zashi and Hishi-zashi works made primarily of hemp fabric, which give us a glimpse into the histories of the individuals who owned and wore them: work clothing, undergarments, and mosquito nets among other commonplace objects. OH Haji’s past works and newest photography will also be on display.

It seems like a big installation work by Haji’s work and traditional craft.

This is a mosquito net from Aomori City Archives. Haji inspired from its historical trail and found the concept for the exhibition.

The shapes which emerge from frayed and worn-out fabric. There you can find the memories and evidence of their former owners–in the gestures of these vestures.




OH Haji arrived at ACAC


OH Haji arrived at ACAC yesterday.

She started preparing for “OH Haji × Aomori City Archives Exhibition “Gestures in Clothing”. It starts 10th Feb.