Discovery Tour


ACAC held “Discovery Tour” on 19th June.
At first, the participants appreciated the exhibitions such as to watch the touch of the brush of the oil painting, or to compare the title and the work.
Then they choosed 3 works and write what they see in the works.

CIMG3866CIMG3870 CIMG3862 CIMG3863

At last, presented what they have seen one by one and the others tried to guess which work is it.

What they saw in the woks…?

・shy star
・stool which the carpenter made


It is “Lesson 11”.

Next is;

・dirty ocean
・cold window
・dirty sky


This is “crossing the river”.
The one who presented this is 5th grade (10-11 years old) of primary school.


The participants were one family (father, mother, daughter and son), and they could see different things in the works.
We think we see the things which are in front of us, but actually we don’t see lot of things.
This workshop aimed to “watch carefully” by expressing what you see in the words.