January 11 FUNAI Misa drawing workshop


ACAC held Funai Misa’s drawing workshop on January 11th.

The participants are over 3 years old kids and adults.

They used canvas and the paints which Funai uses for her artworks.

First, Funai introduced her works and the photos which she took at Brazil and Niigata last year.

She encouraged the participants to imagine what they could find if they dig the snow.


First, choose the colors.



IMG_6636 IMG_6641 IMG_6647

She is drawing crystals of snow.


Some kids used their hands.

IMG_6665 IMG_6668


Funai painted across the canvas by roller.

IMG_6673 IMG_6674IMG_6676

The colors were mixed little by little.IMG_6679 IMG_6680


Paint again on the mixed color.

IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6724


He scratched the surface of the canvas by  his nail. IMG_6720

Some used crayon at the last part.

IMG_6728 IMG_6730

The final version of the painting.

IMG_6737 IMG_6741 IMG_6743 IMG_6745 IMG_6753 IMG_6760 IMG_6765 IMG_6766 IMG_6767

After painting, all the participants talked their feeling.

IMG_6780 IMG_6784 IMG_6797 IMG_6813


They cut the pieces of canvas and bring them to their home.

IMG_6816 IMG_6823