Spring Will Come Here in Aomori, Soon?


LIN Gieh-Wen (Labay Eyong in Truku name) )who are participating for the next spring show from April 11th stayed in ACAC due to research for her new creation for the past week. She is from Fuaien, Taiwan and the day she arrived at Aomori was a blizzard.

Labay is a member of Taiwanese indigenous, Truku tribe. She works on sculptural installations with her knowledge and skill on traditional weaving and knitting. She researched artefacts especially Sakiori (textile from Nambu area) which are stored in Aomori City Board of Education and went to the coast and garbage dump to find material for her new project. I’m looking forward to seeing her outputs which are reflected the similarity and difference between Taiwan and Japan in her eyes.86350381_1843925545740234_2856683250804326400_n 86173914_1843925599073562_5578179738792361984_n 86730546_1843925522406903_1941754177650688000_n 84484865_1843931442406311_1220940927443402752_n 86186121_1843925635740225_7733189573949259776_n 84637556_1843925665740222_2093827682427994112_n 84453616_1843925712406884_4165467967531778048_n 86274913_1843931465739642_5976385789100032000_n