[AIR2013/Exchange] Exhibition OPEN!


Since October 26, the exhibition of the Artists in Residence Program 2013/ Autum “Exchange — Planting the seed” has opened.

IMG_7031 (800x600)On the opening day, we run the artists’ talk by all participating artists.

IMG_7043 (800x600)The artwork of Jörg OBERGFELL tries to give the theme of “Exchange” conscious about his grandfather’s objets. Obergfell produced artworks thinking about the exchange with times, places, methodologies of art and so on through reproducing some objets by his grandfather’s way.

IMG_7060 (800x600)We, human beings, found the order and rule from the cosmos and established various value systems. The artwork of Linda HAVENSTEIN is related with these ideas ancient and evoked the exchange point of the micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos.

IMG_1942 (800x600)HISAKADO Tsuyoshi focus on the boundary and time on his artwork. He collected several everyday things and sound from around ACAC and reconstructed them in the gallery B.

IMG_9009 (800x600)The artwork that is installed at the AV Room. It is like on the way of the time traveling.

IMG_7084 (800x600)YAMASAKI Ami changed the form of the wall and put countless feathers-like papers on the wall and tried to change the echo of Gallery A.

On the opening day, she did the voice performance. Because of the artwork, the sound is heard from the other side of the gallery and it was like the sound in the cave.

Almost artists said that they will continue to work and add their work during the exhibition period.

We wish you enjoy repeatedly the process and changing of artworks of this exhibition.