[AIR2013/Exchange]Closing Performance


We had a closing performance on the last day of the AIR Exhibition by YAMASAKI Ami (participating artist), KYOGOKU Tomohiko (guest dancer) and participants of the Yamasaki’s workshop.

IMG_2070 (800x600)At the beginning, participants of Yamasaki’s workshop came into the Yamasaki’s installation space and made sound using feather-paper.

IMG_7727 (800x600)A dancer, SAYANAI Mari who is living in Aomori was participating in this performance. It seems like a session and at the same time it seems like a dance. It had strange stateliness.

IMG_7744 (800x600)When KYOGOKU Tomohiko, a guest dancer, slowly moved into the space without sound, the light turned off.  It is contrastive to a previous white image. The way of the Kyogoku’s movement without sound in the darkish room, in black cloths, made us feel shadow.

IMG_7752 (800x600)Yamazaki in black came in the space. The movement of Kyogoku which did not make us feel gravity. The Yamasaki’s animal-like voice. Because of the feature of the gallery space, all sound could hear from different points from the source of generation. They made our sense ambiguously and confuse.

IMG_7778 (800x600)

IMG_7792 (800x600)  At the end of performance, the next residence artist, NAKAZAKI Toru was introduced by Yamasaki and Yamasaki passed a baton to him. Finally, the AIR program in 2013 “Exchange” finished.