MORI Keita’s workshop


On December 8th, Mori’s workshop was held.
Participants usually draw pictures with pen or colored pencils. It was a challenge to draw with thread and glue gun this day. At first, we saw how he made his drawing. When he decides the point to paste the thread, he puts glue a little bit and hold it with his finger before it solidifies. Without making draft, cut between points and
halfway through, and repeat putting threads. He doesn’t know himself what kind of shape appear freely and enjoy the change that comes out form.
IMG_2875 IMG_2884 IMG_2888

Participants also start choosing the thread of their favorite color and draw with glue guns.


Forms like characters emerged from free lines, try to draw lines with glued glue instead of thread, and various ideas came out. They can also discover new shapes by inverting paper upside down during they draw.
Once completed, they decided the title, wrote the date and signature, and set the works in a raw to see all together.
Mori was surprised at seeing unique works that each feature appeared. The line drawn with thread show various shapes. They imagined what kind of shapes we could see, what they look like and talk with each other.

IMG_2894 IMG_2898 IMG_2896

IMG_2902 IMG_2900

At last, they went to the studio where he works while his stay. They saw big works he was working on, and enjoyed talking with him.



Yamashita’s outleach


YAMASHITA Ayako visited the workplace for the people with a disability and held a workshop on 30th Nov.
The workplace is run by Non profit organization and supports people’s creation in Aomori city.
The workshop started with crapping their hands with music, then writing their name on the air, lieing on the floor, immitating the movemento of the leaves, etc and continue about 1 hour.


IMG_2679  IMG_2713IMG_2716IMG_2724

One of the participants gave Yamashita her drawing which draw Yamashirta is dancing.



MORI Keita’s Drawing in Public


On the weekend of the exhibition November 4, 10, 18, Mori’s drawing in public was held.   (It was canceled on 25th due to schedule.)


November 4KIMG2038 KIMG2035KIMG2033


November 10



November 18




In Drawing in public, the ordinary gallery without an artist become the production place temporarily. You can see how the work changes on the spot.
December 2 (Sun) this weekend will be the last day. Do not miss it!



Quynh Vantu’s Artist Talk


We held Quynh Vantu’s Artist Talk in 11 th November.
Quynh introduced herself Architect / Artist. She makes art works by architect method, she is interested in movement and interaction of people and spaces born from her works.
She installed the work of several 4m ballom in the passage on the campus. Then, some space was born, and made people stop, is stocked, and is engaged the spaces and other people. Quynh was surprised that someone played with the balls. They showed another way to engaged the spaces by her work.
《Within the Horizon》was created in Sverre Fehn’s Hedmark. The architecture of the museum is based on a bulding built in 16 century. The dancers run, walk, pile each other, stop to make the hallway be narrow, stay like as part of architecture.They seemed to try to create new relationship with the architecture all time, move between some eras.
《Kyokai(境界)》has been creating since 2015 when she participated in Kamiyama Artist Residence. The work also referenced Japanese traditional architecture as the latest work《Dreaming of Katsura》in ACAC. She changed the place from a pass way to a place for gathering of people. In addition, through craboration with local people, she realized nice garden for the place.
Through this her talk, we noticed that she is asking about boarder and engaging with people by her creation too, also expected her activities from now.


Jolene MOK Talk Event


On November 17th, a talk event was held by Jolene MOK entitled “Mobility minding: Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for a while”.
It is the talk series of autumn artist in residence exhibition.
Jolene uses digital video or film to shoot small movements and changes in nature and make video works. In this program, she exhibits photographs and video installation inspired by forest in ACAC during the stay, also a video work made by shooting artisans and artists’ workplaces in Aomori prefecture.


Jolene says that she can go anywhere and shoot with a camera, tripod, PC, hard disk, and a place where she can charge it then. This production method has been continued from 2011. In the talk, she introduced her works produced since she visited all over the world, such as Iceland, the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland and others, and the projects she is doing in ACAC.

IMG_2263 IMG_2271

She often cited John Cage’s “the10 rules for students and teachers.” She adopts them as a way of thinking when she create her art.
Among them “Rule 4: Consider everything an experiment” is also the source of the projects challenging here.


In the talk event, a painter ITO Tsugiko and an artisan of Japan Lacquer Ware Tsugaru Nuri Mr. Kimura who cooperated with the shooting participated. Jolene told that she was influenced a lot from each workplace, and also it became a power to create her works.


MORI Keita Talk Event


On November 10, a talk entitled “Clouds without Skies” was held by MORI Keita,
It is the first time of the artist talk series of autumn artist in residence exhibition.

MORI says that it is important to experience the work directly. Participants went to the gallery with him to see his work and touched it, though people can’t touch usually. Then he talked about the wall drawing was created with threads, woolen threads and glue gun. In addition to experiencing the space enveloped in the work drawn on the large wall of the gallery, participants were able to experience material lines through touch.


When we actually see the work nearby, we notice there are parts of thread’s fray and stubborn. They became the core in talk. The drawing seems to be a systematic when we see it distantly, but closely, the traces of adhesive of glue gun and the thread entangled during production are left as it is.
Though generally it is regarded as a mistake in production, it is related to events that happen in our society. In the world where the order is established, even in sophisticated system, “error” is always included. He explains that his art shows them in drawing.
The work is continued as a series, titled from “Bug Report” that comes up when a computer system error occurs.


In the talk, a video work which was already conceived before drawings by thread and finally created last year was showed. Continuing to change shape in a moment, the image of “Ayatori” (string figures) shot contains uncertainty and translucency expressed in the current drawing work.

He is also interested in performing art, he also talked about future developments that there are plans to draw out two-dimensional drawings to express them in performance and three-dimensional.