August 7th Jörg OBERGFELL workshop


Jorg OBERGFELL’s workshop & lecture “Tinkered Typologies” was held in 7th August.

This workshop’s theme is “Typology” which Jorg also refer in his new work at the exhibition in ACAC.

In the workshop, the participants make small architecture by 15 wood blocks, and take a picture. Then compose the wood blocks differently and take a picture again. they did composing and taking a picture 9 times.

First, the participants choose 15 wood blocks.


Then, compose them. If they put the paper or mat, it look like hill or forest in the photo.


IMG_0285 IMG_0296 P1050925s P1050933s


IMG_0283 IMG_0289 IMG_0299 P1050924s P1050935s

After taking 9 photos, Jorg arranged the photos and print it out on A3 paper.




In the lecture, Jorg talked about Becher and some artists like Albert Renger- Patzsh, August Sander, Karl Blossfeldt, or Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, Ardreas Gursky, etc.