August 20, 21 CHIBA Naoko workshop


CHIBA Naoko’s pinhole camera workshop held in 20 and 21 August.
In the exhibition “Ubiquitous Views”, she shows the artworks which were taken by handmade pinhole camera, and one of the aim of this workshop was to experience the way of her creation.


First, Chiba exprained the history and mechanism of camera and photograph.

P1160949 P1160929

Then, make the original pinhole camera by box.

P1160979 P1160964 P1160974

Finish making the camera, set the photographic paper in the dark room and take the photos.


Depends on the place, the participants expose 8-12 minits because it was rain.

P1170012 P1170011 P1160998 P1160995 P1170013

Take one photo, the move to the darkroom and print.
The participants could print negative.

P1160992 P1170019


IMG_0412s IMG_0411s IMG_0410s IMG_0408s IMG_0413s

In the 2nd day, they made positive print by negative print.
make the negative adhere to the new photographic paper, and expose them.
Then print it.

P1170033 IMG_0400s

IMG_0401 (1)





Depends on the exposing, the positive is printed differently.


IMG_0418s IMG_0419s


P1170050 IMG_0407s