Dispatch Japanese artist to Atelie Fidalga


ACAC has dispatched Japanese artist to Atelie Fidalga which is art organization and runs artist in residence in Brazil once a year from 2017.

KAMATA Yusuke (2017/2018) and Funai Misa(2018/2019)was dispatched these 2 years.

You can see their reports from here>>http://www.acac-aomori.jp/category/acacblogen/overseas-dispatching/?lang=en

And for this year, SUZUKI Motomasa will be dispatched from next week and stay in Fidalga for 1 month.

He will research folk art and contemporary art in Brazil.

Overseas dispatching program

period:2020, February 25 – March 21

Venue:Atelie Fidalga (Sao Paulo, Brazil)  http://ateliefidalga.com.br/

Artist : SUZUKI Motomasa http://tsca.jp/artist/motomasa-suzuki/#works

Suzuki’s works at ACAC>>https://www.acac-aomori.jp/wp/work/2018-2-4/?lang=en