2020 Program Schedule in ACAC


We might unwillingly change program schedule and contents.
Regarding the detail, please check each programs web pages.
Thank you for your understanding.

“The Beginning of Life/Art: Cloth Weaves Our Times, from Aomori”
Exhibition period: April 11 (Sat) May 7 (Thu) – June 21 (Sun), 2020, 10:00-18:00, Admission free, Open all day during the exhibition
Artists: ENDO Kaori(Japan), USUI Yui(Japan), LIN Gieh-Wen (Labay Eyong)(Taiwan)
will invite three artists based in Asia, who have been doing contemporary art projects, using handcraft, craft, and techniques rooted in traditional cultures. They will exhibit new works inspired by culture or history involved in Cloths or Fabrics in Aomori.

“Artisrt in Residence 2020 Open Call:Call for Open”
Program period: June 17 (Wed) – September 22 (Tue),  → Sep. 16 (Wed)―Dec. 22(Tue), 2020
Artists:Now on Screening
Artists from all over the world will be selected and stay in ACAC. They will research, produce works and hold workshop, performance event or exhibition. We will inform when the events will be decided.

“Aomori Triennale 2020″(Co-organize with Aomori City) * discontinuance
Exhibition Period: October 3 (Sat) – November 23 (Mon), 2020
As a part of “Aomori Triennale 2020” which will be held as whole year project by Aomori city, ACAC will co-organize a contemporary art exhibition. (Artistic Director: TSUBAKI Noboru)

The end of November, 2020 – March 2021
We will hold some events such as sound art performance, drama, print making workshop.